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Once You Read The Special Report On the Next Page Called "The Coffee House Letter" You Will Realize That The Puny 5-7% Bonuses You May Earn On Your Downline Is Nothing But A Slap In The Face!

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This New Concept Called “GPT” is Quietly Turning Twenty Somethings & Senior Citizens With NO Prior MLM Internet Marketing Experience Into Low To High 6 Figure Earners!

Hello, Home Based Business & MLM Entrepreneur,

My name is Dave Dauber and I have been a successful 6 figure MLM marketer for many years and I’m here to tell you I am just tired of teaching my downline old horse & buggy MLM Lead Generation techniques. The same ones that your upline is probably still preaching to you today like:

Make a list. Call your friends and family. Stand in the mall and pass out flyers. Put a sign on your car. Invite 20 people over your house, and then wait like an idiot hoping someone will show up. Put “sizzle cards” all over town. Leave magazines in your Doctor’s office and on and on and on. And of course the famous “3 foot rule.”

The simple facts are that that these techniques might have worked when your grandma worked an MLM program but guess what? We are in the information age! The age of technology and Social Media. Places like Facebook and MySpace have 100’s of millions of members.

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to tap into that market sitting at home on your computer in your pajamas and have MLM leads coming out of your ears?

Of course you would but the problem is twofold. Even the best MLM Companies have tight restrictions about using the internet for MLM marketing and for those that don’t, there aren’t enough leaders educated in the proper MLM Internet Marketing strategies that can show you how to fill your in-box with hungry prospects actually paying you to become their lead. That’s right with this unique concept of “GPT,” prospects will pay YOU for the privilege of entering your world.

Once you get inside and read this special "Coffee House Report" you’re going to learn:

  • How the concept of GPT will make YOU More money with one customer than with 100!

  • You will learn how to earn 50% upfront commissions putting “big chunks” of cash in your pocket within 24 hours instead of waiting weeks or months for your money.

  • That true residual income, I mean retiring with a Very Significant yearly income is possible with just a handful of people. (Instead of thousands.)

  • Why with “GPT” worrying about attrition and asleep at the wheel downlines will be a thing of the past.

  • Why top earners and professionals are jumping on this concept now of GPT and how you can truly fire your boss within 90 days or less.

  • Why your prospects will actually jump through hoops to qualify themselves to work with you. (Hint: You’ve got the gold.)

So, if any of this makes sense opt-in below and a new world will open up for you on the next page. One word of caution though, just because you opt-in doesn’t mean that we will teach you these concepts and fast chunky cash getting systems. We are very selective and know who we are looking for. I will promise you however, that what you learn on the next few pages will teach you things that will open your eyes in a big way including EXACTLY how my friend Jay earned $143,000 in just one month using these EXACT same strategies. (Nothing held back.)


OK, Dave. You Got My Attention. Send The Coffee House Letter Immediately To My Email Address And Teach Me What This Concept Of  “GPT” Is All About!"


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